Fall Maintenance for Your Nissan

September 21st, 2023 by

Nissan Pathfinder with trees and leaves in the background

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As the cooler months approach and leaves begin to fall, it is a great reminder that a new season is the perfect time to check things off of your to do list. As your trusted service provider, the service team at DeFOUW Nissan of Lafayette is eager to help you prepare your vehicle for fall!

What Maintenance Does My Nissan Need in the Fall?

Oil Change

We encourage you to keep up with routine oil changes, especially during the cooler months. Cool temperatures can impact the consistency, changing levels and ultimately impacting your vehicle’s performance. It is a good idea to periodically check your Nissan oil levels at home to be sure you are on top of your engine health.

Tire Maintenance

Proper tire tread and pressure will ensure your vehicle can handle upcoming road conditions. Whether it is an influx of leaves on the road or icy patches, your tires need to be at full function. We encourage you to schedule regular tire rotations and wheel alignments.

Brake Maintenance

With the opportunity for additional hazards on the road during the fall, your brakes will need to be in prime condition. Be on the lookout for a change in brake power or unusual noises while braking and schedule service as needed.

Inspect the Battery

Staying on top of what the conditions under your hood look like will help you avoid any unexpected maintenance issues in the future. Be sure to check out your battery for proper terminal conditions and clean any corrosion. If you notice a decline in performance or a warning light pops up, bring your Nissan into DeFOUW Nissan of Lafayette and we will run a diagnostics test.

Exterior Lights

With shorter days and darker nights approaching, visibility is more important than ever. Be sure to check each light and if you need a replacement, our parts department is here to help!

Schedule Fall Maintenance in Lafayette

For further assistance with fall maintenance, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment with DeFOUW Nissan of Lafayette. With any further questions do not hesitate to contact us online.

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