Service Specials

Nissan Service Specials in Lafayette, Indiana

Nissan Service Specials near Lafayette and Indianapolis

What are your interests? Surely, there are things you love wasting your time and money on. DeFouw Nissan of Lafayette is willing to bet, no matter how much you love it, your car isn’t the first thing you’d consider spending money on for fun. But there comes a time when your Nissan needs your care and attention. And that costs money. But at DeFouw Nissan of Lafayette’s service center, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. That is why we offer you service specials and cost-saving coupons for your visit.

We understand there are other things that deserve your funding. You shouldn’t have to worry about that when it comes time for your oil change or tire rotation. Just because your car battery needs to be replaced doesn’t mean you should have to prioritize your budget. Why not save a few dollars by taking a quick glance through our latest service specials. There is no better way to take care of your Nissan.

We are currently updating our Specials. Please check back soon.